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We won!

Unfortunately it wasn't the lottery. I'd have to buy a ticket for that to happen. The next best thing is that UVA beat Auburn to advance to the NCAA championship game. Be sure to tune in at 9:20 ET/6:20 PT to cheer them on to victory against the Texas Tech Red Raiders. One of the advantages to living out west is that you don't have to stay up late on a work night to enjoy live entertainment and sporting events. I love that the game will be over by 9:00 PT. Go Wahoos!

Electrical rough in less the lights complete in the family room

I feel like it was a slow week in the basement. I did get the electrical rough in completed in the family room and the wall separating the furnace room from the electrical room is up.

Wall separating the furnace room from the laundry room

A plumbing contractor came by on Thursday to look at the house and put together an estimate. The challenge is going to be venting the downstairs toilet with no walls above for the vent pipe. It will be interesting to see if they can come up with a solution. Of course, now that I got a plumber to get me a quote, I finally heard back from the guy that was recommended to us. Hopefully he can come out this week. It would be nice to have at least two estimates.

Once I have a plumber on board and we determine where all the piping needs to go I will release the HVAC contractor to install the gas furnace in the basement. There is limited space above the ceiling for the ductwork, plumbing and electrical wiring and I want to make sure all locations are coordinated before I release any of the work.

It has been rather rainy this week so we did not get a chance to take the dogs out on an outing. The good news is that none of the three cracks in the basement wall that I repaired appeared to be leaking. There is still one location in the laundry room behind the utility sink and washing machine that needs some attention.

Thanks to those that commented on the exterior paint options. We still haven't made a final decision yet. I appreciate everyone taking the time to read my blog. Have a great week!

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