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  • Dan Schumacher

We've Moved!

Not very far. About eight feet down to be more specific. It only took about nine months but we got it done. Everything is so clean, shiny, and bright it's as if we checked into a five star hotel. Trish bought fancy sheets to commemorate the occasion. They arrived about three months ago and she has kept them in a hermetically sealed container so they would remain dust and dirt free. When we made the move we adhered to a very strict "no contamination" policy. Before anything could be brought downstairs it was wiped down and disinfected with Windex. The dogs still hang out upstairs but that will change when they lose their couch and easy chair and I start demolishing the living room.

This is our new bedroom until the master suite upstairs is finished.

The guest room is ready for whoever wants to come for a visit. We even got new sheets for that bed as well.

Guest bedroom with new sheets.

View of guest bedroom from doorway.

Since we have been hoping and praying for a lot of snow this winter we thought it would be smart to add a treadmill to our list of equipment in the fitness studio. After all, we wouldn't want to deprive our out of town guests of a workout when they come for a visit.

Not to worry, we have you covered after a long day on the ski slopes or a run along the coast of Watopia or even a strenous climb up Alpe du Zwift. Put on your swimsuit or not and relax in our new hot tub!

Four person hot tub with therapy seat, massaging lounger and 40 jets.

We're off to Salt Lake City for Thanksgiving. I hope you and your family and your friends have a safe and peaceful holiday weekend. When we get back to Spokane I will starting all over again with ripping out the rock lath and plaster.

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