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Water Water Everywhere

Well, maybe not everywhere but it sure does seem like it. Every time I think I get one crack fixed another appears. I guess the silver lining to all of the snow is that the ground has become very saturated and revealed the leaks in the basement walls. So far, we have a crack under the stairs, in the bathroom, and in the future fitness room.

The crack under the stairs.

The crack in the bathroom - repair in process

The crack in the fitness room

I thought I had the crack under the stairs fixed. I used FastPlug from DryLok and then painted the wall with two coats of DryLok Extreme "paint." It stayed dry for several days, until the awning over the back patio collapsed. More on that later.

Crack under the stairs. The rough area in the bottom center is the FastPlug patch. Note the damp area under the vertical shadow to the right.

For the crack in the bathroom I purchased a kit that has all of the necessary parts and pieces to attach ports on the wall, cover the crack with an epoxy paste, and then inject a polyurethane foam into the crack. This system worked great and is what I plan to use in the fitness room if the wall will ever dry.

Trish got two free lift tickets from one of her co-workers so we spent Saturday skiing at 49 Degrees North. We were originally going to Idaho to ski at Schweitzer but who can say no to free tickets.

Trish at the top of the mountain.

Our last day of skiing this season.

Imagine how excited we were when we got home and found out the old, aluminum patio covering collapsed under the weight of the snow and ice. Thank goodness we weren't walking under it when the roof failed.

We got a free skylight installed on the back patio!

We closed out the week at a bar downtown. We got to O'Doherty's Irish Grille just as the Spokane County Firefighters Pipe and Drum team started offloading their bus. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. We must have had the luck of the Irish with us. Just as we have encountered friendly people at all the other establishments we have patronized the same held true tonight. Lou and Kelly invited us to share their table and we got a front row seat for the show.

The bagpipers and drummers put on quite a show and the crowd went wild. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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