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  • Dan Schumacher

The Heat is On!

While quite a bit of work was accomplished on the house this week it was all done by the HVAC subcontractor. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to perform my favorite task of demolishing rock lath and plaster while wearing my respirator. That chore will still be waiting for me tomorrow morning. Now that we have a fully functional furnace in the attic I will also be able to start ripping out the old ductwork in the basement and dismantling the oil furnace. Yippee! Mother Nature was kinder this week and we only had to shovel the driveway twice. Trish even managed to drive her Mini to work three days.

It was quite a challenge just getting the furnace into the attic through the existing opening. The passageway (more like a hole) had to be enlarged in both directions and the ramp up to the attic is actually the ceiling of the stairs going down into the basement. As I look back at what was accomplished I wish I had taken more photographs. It really was impressive how they maneuvered the equipment up and into place. Not only did we have to get the furnace into the attic but we also had to find a space to run the gas line and electrical power from the basement. Doing so required the services of Mr. Hammer and Mr. Prybar, yep you guessed it, to demo some more lath and plaster. This time on the first floor of the house in the hallway that connects the three bedrooms. Keeping the mess contained and the dust to minimum was a real challenge. At this point we have the furnace in the attic and all of the necessary utilities run to it but how are we going to get the conditioned air from the attic to the living areas? Since all of the existing ductwork is fed from the basement, we had to cut holes in the ceiling for both the supply grills and return air. Yet another messy, dusty job. After several days the gas was turned on and the furnace fired up. Thank goodness we now have warm, clean burning heat!

The only way to get to the "ramp" down is to crawl under the white "box" to the right. I'm sure the building inspector will love that!

The back of the furnace as you come up the "ramp."

The distribution ductwork in the attic. Note the spots of light which is the flash reflecting off of particles floating in the air.

The "ramp" down from the attic into the house.

The gas line running from the basement up to the attic.

Our new Nest thermostat.

I think Fenway may be part cat.

Poncho has a hard time getting comfortable.

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