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  • Dan Schumacher

The End of Week 1

It was a good week. We managed to get a lot accomplished.

- Demolished approximately 700 square feet of "drywall"

- Got the natural gas meter installed

- Fixed the furnace (multiple times)

- Shoveled the driveway x three

The drywall is not drywall as you know it. The finished walls consist of a 1/4" of rock lath overlayed with a 1/4" of plaster. There is no easy way to get it down. Basically one hammer blow at a time. The debris is hauled up the stairs to the construction dumpster in five gallon buckets. Imagine working out on a stairmaster with 20 pound weights in each hand.

The local utility company finally installed the gas meter. It only took three months. We ordered the service the day after we bought the house in November. At first they thought they would have to trench across 17th Ave. but lucky for us we were able to bore under the neighbors driveway and tap their line. We are in the process of getting multiple bids to install a new furnace. Can't happen soon enough.

The longest the furnace has worked without any issues is approximately five days. Of course it always wants to conk out at night or on the weekend. So far we have replaced the main controller, fan controller, CAD sensor, pump, and fan motor (twice). Have I mentioned how eager we are to get a new gas furnace?

I guess it is a blessing Spokane got little or no snow before we moved here. It would have been ugly trying to unload the moving truck in snow and ice. But, it certainly has made up for it this week. I believe it snowed six to seven inches since Tuesday.

Next week will consist of more interior wall demolition. I am going to focus on the ceiling of the hallway and furnace/laundry room. I want to make sure everything is ready for the installation of the new gas furnace. Did I mention how much we want a new gas furnace?

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