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Ready To Paint!

It is hard to believe it has been three weeks since my last post. A thousand apologies. We have been busy working on the house and enjoying life. I am excited to announce that the drywall is hung, taped, mudded, sanded, and primed. I have even painted all of the ceilings.

Hallway looking from the family room towards the stairs

Fitness studio

North guest bedroom

South guest bedroom - you can see where I have started to mask the ceilings

Guest bathroom with a portion of the vanity base

The goal this week is to finish masking the ceilings and then paint the walls. The interior doors have arrived at the local Home Depot and I am going to pick them up on Friday. I have ordered the Pergo flooring and it will be delivered early next week. The tile for the bathroom is enroute. I still need to install all of the electrical devices and plumbing fixtures. I have plenty to keep me busy for the next month.

Socially, Trish and I have done something every weekend for the past month. Three weeks ago we both competed in the Post Falls Sprint Triathlon and we came in third in our respective age group.

Celebrating at brunch after our third places finishes

Last weekend we were in Chicago for Brian's 50th birthday celebration.

Trish, Charlie, and Brian

This weekend we went clear across the country to celebrate my sister-in-laws 60th birthday. It was a great visit to the east coast as we got a chance to see many friends and family members we had not seen in a long time. Sorry, we were too busy partying to take any photos!

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