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Pour Me Another

Using an electric mixer to combine the cement, sand, and gravel

Another beer, another lemon drop martini, or another glass of red wine. Anything but more concrete. After hauling almost 2,000 pounds of Portland cement, sand, and gravel down into the basement and then mixing them together in the mixer for a total of almost fourteen cubic yards of concrete I hope my days of pouring more concrete are non-existent. The good news is that now I am clear to finish all of the wood framing in the basement.

The first concrete pour

The second concrete pour

Once I finished pouring the concrete I was able to frame the wall separating the fitness studio from the family room.

Looking into the fitness studio from the family room

It feels like things are really starting to come together. When you walk down the stairs and look down the hallway you can get a good feeling for how the basement is going to look when it is finished.

Standing near the foot of the stairs. The laundry room is to the right and the guest bathroom and bedrooms are to the left

This week I hope to finish framing the fitness studio and the walls defining the guest bathroom and bedrooms. It will be very exciting when that part of the project is finished.

When I was out for a run on Friday morning I ran into a flock of turkeys about three blocks from the house. There were almost 15 in total and I couldn't pass up this great photo opportunity. What Canadian geese are to Charlotte, wild turkeys are to Spokane.

The previous owners obviously loved flowers and especially tulips. It has been a pleasant surprise to see all of the spring flowers emerging after the cold winter and start to bloom.

The construction dumpster doesn't add much to the photo

Tonight we are off to see one of Trish's old flames from Georgetown. He doesn't come to Spokane very often so we decided we should at least make an attempt to get together while he is in town. Jim Gaffigan is performing at the Spokane Arena. I've been told by multiple people he had a crush on Trish in college. Hope I don't come home empty handed, after all he is not only handsome but very funny.

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