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Permit Approved!

It was another busy week at 919 E 17th Ave. In spite of the wintery weather we managed to get quite a bit done.

-Tore out the ceilings in several more rooms

-Received multiple bids to install a natural gas furnace in the attic

-Obtained the building permit from the City of Spokane

-Shoveled the driveway x six

In order to run the gas lines and electrical wiring for the new furnace I had to rip out the ceilings in the area of the future second guest bedroom, the laundry room, and the room that houses the electrical panel. The only ceilings remaining in the basement are in the existing bathroom and the future first guest bedroom.

We selected Bill's Fireplace to install the new HVAC equipment. Their bid was several thousand dollars less then the other two. Additionally, they have a good reputation and seem to be well qualified to do the work. They will start first thing Monday morning and should be done by Thursday. Since all of the existing ductwork is run throughout the basement they will have to install new supply and return runs in the attic. Once this work is complete I will be able to dismantle and discard the existing oil furnace as well as the old ductwork.

I was a little apprehensive about going to city hall to get the building permit. Being in a new municipality I wasn't sure what to expect in regards to their standards and expectations. Well, I am pleased to report the process could not have gone any smoother. It took less then 45 minutes and the reviewers were very impressed with the quality of the drawings. A special thanks to Todd Williams for the initial design and the fine folks, especially Hong Choe, at BB&M Architecture for putting the drawings into CAD. I can't wait to complete all of the demolition so I can start framing some walls.

I think it snowed six of the seven days this past week. The most we received in one storm was about five inches. Shoveling the snow is very therapeutic. Figuring out where to put it is the stressful part. Between the house on one side of the driveway and the 30 cubic yard construction dumpster on the other I'm not left with much ground area.

Future Basement Floor Plan - First guest bedroom is in the top right corner (mislabeled)

Future First Floor Plan

Ceiling of the existing furnace and laundry room

Ceiling of the second guest bedroom - the "white box" in the middle of the photograph is were I removed the medicine cabinet from the bathroom.

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