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Hang 'em High

With seven foot ceilings "high" is a little misleading. The good news is that we are finally starting to hang some drywall. I started the ceilings Wednesday morning and by Friday evening I had all of the rooms done except for a third of one of the guest bedrooms and the main hallway. Like the insulation, getting the sheetrock delivered was no easy task. Without going into all of the gory details, I convinced Home Depot to let me use their flatbed rental truck for free and deliver it myself. Never take no for an answer! My high school helper and I got it off of the truck and moved into the basement in less then two hours. We strategically placed the material in all of the rooms to minimize having to move them later.

Fitness Studio - one wall hung out so I would have a place to put material

Guest Bedroom

It was a bit of a challenge maneuvering the drywall lift within the small confines of the bathroom. The lift barely fit in the area of the toilet and shower and then to place a piece of drywall into position I had to work around the lift supports and the walls of the shower.

In the procees of installing the ceiling in the bathroom

Ceiling in the bathroom

Partially finished ceiling in the other guest bedroom

I will finish the ceilings this week and continue working on the walls. I'm trying to get another 75 sheets of drywall delivered on Tuesday. I met with a drywall subcontractor earlier today and if everything goes according to plan the ceiling and walls should be taped, mudded, sanded, and primed by the end of the month. Yippee!

Trish and I went on a group bike ride with the CDA Tri Team. We rode the paved Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes for 34 miles in one direction through fields, woods, along the river, and beside the lake. Upon reaching the end of the trail we stopped for a group photo, turned around and headed back.

At the turn around point of the group ride.

The ride back was much quicker because we got into a pace line with four other cyclists and took turns pulling. Wish we could do that in a triathlon!

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