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Going . . .

The inside of the oil furnace

Going . . .

The old oil furnace is gone!


It was a great week! David came to visit and of course me being the loving father that I am I immediately put him to work. He helped me or I should say I helped him carry the "fire box" up the stairs and into the construction dumpster.

The "fire box" from the old furnace. It was all welded together and we couldn't get it any smaller.

We also took the old awnings off of the front of the house. It was much easier then I thought it would be. With the new windows and the awnings gone the house looks even better. Now I just need to get the windows inspected so we can get rid of the stickers.

The awnings are gone!

David also showed me how to demolish the concrete footings in the basement. Once I get the crack in the basement wall sealed I will be able to start constructing some of the walls. I'm still in search of a plumber. When Trish and I went out for our weekly pizza dinner we struck up a conversation with the couples sitting next to us. Who would have ever guessed the ice breaker was a discussion about smart bike trainers. Come to find out one of the couples are avid cyclists and offered to share with us some routes in and around Spokane. Back to the plumber, one of our future friends recommended a individual that has his own company and specializes in renovations. Keep your fingers crossed. I'm going to reach out to him tomorrow.

While David was here we managed to go out to dinner every night. The plan was to prepare red beans and rice for him as a home cooked meal one evening. I failed to realize the beans had to simmer for three hours which meant dinner wouldn't be ready until around 10:00 PM. That wasn't going to work so we went out and got Thai food. On Thursday, we went to Casper Fry to celebrate my birthday and on Saturday we went to Churchhill's Steakhouse to celebrate his birthday.

Birthday dinner at Casper Fry's

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