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Dust, Dust, Dust

It was another productive week in the basement. The drywall has been hung everywhere except one side of the hallway and the closet under the stairs. The first thing I did this week was to apply furring strips to the face of the brick fireplace so the new slate surround would be "proud" of the wall. I've been talking with the folks at Mantels Direct and thought I should get the cement backerboard up to confirm the dimensions before placing the order.

The slate surround will get attached to the cement backerboard

Once I got the cement board hung I was able to finish hanging the drywall in the family room.

Family room with fireplace and future natural gas logs

The mechanical room and laundry room were pretty straight forward. We will still have to do some work in these areas when we renovate the upstairs but since this will be our temporary kitchen I felt we needed to do some improvements.

Mechanical room with much used and needed toolbox

Laundry room and temporary kitchen while we renovate upstairs

Speaker wires and ethernet cable in the IT closet

With Trish's help I was able to hang the drywall in the IT closet. It definitely took two people, one to hold the board while the other fished the wires through the correct opening.

The prefabricated, molded tile basin for the shower arrived last week. This will allow me to get it installed before the drywall finishers come on Friday. They are scheduled to be done on August 9th. A week later than I had planned but in the end it will still be quicker and better than me doing it myself.

Prefabricated shower basin and space for a niche

If everything goes according to plan I will start painting on August 12th. I've ordered the pre-hung interior doors and they should arrive the week of August 19th. Now I need to check on the lead time of the Pergo flooring.

Trish and I went to the Race the River sprint triathlon today. I competed and she volunteered and manned a water station all by herself.

CDA Tri Team group photo before the race

It was a beautiful day to race. The temperature was about 58 degrees when we arrived at the venue and warmed up to 72 degrees by the time I finished. No humidity!

Transition area with lake and mountains in the background

Just crossed the finish line

Next week we're off to Post Falls to compete in another sprint triathlon. Have I mentioned lately how much we love it here?

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