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Cover Up!

I'm covering up the studs, pipes, wiring, and insulation and it feels good! So far, I have completely drywalled the fitness studio, south guest bedroom, bathroom, and vestibule between the two bedrooms. The north guest bedroom is almost done. Only one more wall to go. I think the hallway and family room will go fast because there won't be much cutting and whole pieces cover a much larger area.

South bedroom

South bedroom


Vestibule. I used left over moisture resistant drywall (green board) so it wouldn't go to waste.

North bedroom

Prior to hanging any drywall, I ran over 1,000 feet of speaker wire for 18 speakers throughout the house. I also pulled several hundred feet of ethernet cable to six locations in the basement and on the main level. The wire for the main level had to be run up to the attic and secured for installation at a later time.

Speaker wire and ethernet cable run to the IT closet.

I also ran an HDMI cable from the TV in family room to the IT closet. The plan is to connect the TV to the four speakers in the ceiling. We will also have ceiling speakers in the fitness studio, living room, office, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, master bath, and patio.

Trish and I went to Salt Lake City over the weekend to visit David and my sister and her family. We had a great time and wished we could have stayed longer. While we were there we went to our niece's soccer tournament where they went undefeated and were the champions. We also went to Park City and rode the alpine slide.

The gang with their sleds at the top of the hill

Yours truly waiting for our turn to start

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