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I really wish I had something exciting to report on regarding the house. Nothing has been done other then tearing plaster off of the walls. The three rooms on the east side of the house are done as well as the living room and dining room. The only rooms remaining are the bathroom and kitchen.

We have decided to keep the mantel and find someone to refinish it for us. It will literally be the only original item in the house once we are through with the renovations.

I am going to have the insulation removed from the attic the week of February 3rd. Once that work is done I will starting taking the plaster off of the ceilings.

Saving the best for last, the most exciting thing that has happened since the last post and in a very long time is that we have a granddaughter!

Evelyn Rose Muench was born in the afternoon on January 17th. Baby and family are at home and doing great. Trish and I won't get a chance to meet her until February 16th. Seems like an eternity.

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