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Bigger is better!

That's what she said. Seriously, in all of the excitement of starting the demolition and creating the website I forgot to send out a special thank you to Mike Pickering. Mike made the trek across the country with us driving a UHaul truck pulling Trish's Mini Cooper on a trailer. I honestly don't think we could have made the journey without him. With Mike's easy going attitude Trish bestowed upon him the title of most Low Maintenance Man in the World. After getting to Spokane and unloading the truck Mike got right to work replacing the existing electrical panel with a much needed larger one. The new panel will give me the ability to add new circuits while temporarily leaving the existing ones in place.

Stopped for lunch in Billings, MT

Still at lunch in Billings, MT

Mike, Trish, and Dan celebrating their arrival in Spokane

The old, small electrical panel

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